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Memories of the Orange Roof 

For everything you ever wanted to know about Howard Johnson's, visit the above link.  The sites within inspired .


"I can't get that tune out of my head!"


When this link worked, it directed you to a page on Mr. Softee's site that included downloadable sheet music and lyrics to the Mr. Softee Jingle.

Recently, a certain bank ran a national commercial that used said jingle.  Next thing you know, this linked is ripped down from



"Nobody doesn't like...      

Andy Warhol's "Underground Sundae"

In 1968, Andy Warhol was commissioned by Schrafft's to create a television commercial, and the result was a 60-second film called "Underground Sundae."  Warhol was asked about the project in 1969 during an interview with Joseph Gelmis for The Film Director as Superstar (1970):

Gelmis: You recently made a one-minute commercial for Schrafft's.

Warhol:  Yeah, well, that just took a minute to do.

Gelmis:  But it took more than a minute to put that minute together, didn't it?

Warhol:  No, it just took a minute.  

I am currently scouring the universe for a copy of this spot.  Joe Dallesandro, one of the two actors in the commercial, describes what he remembers about the shoot on his website, and I have included the link above.  It contains a few production stills and, be cautioned, some "colorful" language. 

(And you thought Ben & Jerry's had the first psychedelic ice cream.)




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