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Memories of a Staten Island Tradition

"You'd like a what?"

Traditionally, an ice cream soda is flavoring, charged water, ice cream and usually a dollop of whipped cream. The technique is simple. Pump two tablespoons of syrup or flavoring in the bottom of a large glass. Add the seltzer, stirring as you pour, to within two inches of the rim of the glass. Take one large scoop of ice cream and allow it to straddle the rim of the glass so that enough of the ice cream can react with the bubbles to create a foamy head. If the ice cream is too deep in the seltzer, the soda will overflow. If it doesn’t touch the seltzer at all, you won’t have a soda. With practice, you will find the perfect balance. Top with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

There are unlimited combinations, but the Black and White (chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream) is my favorite. I am mentioning it here to spread the word, as it is difficult to find a soda jerk who has heard of one.  

Try one.  Make one at home.  For a measure of Sedutto’s authenticity, use this blueprint as a guide. Do you remember the Sedutto’s parlor in the Forest Avenue Pathmark Center? Well, this poster used to hang in the back room for employee reference.