Sedutto's Ice Cream.Com

Memories of a Staten Island Tradition

Things began to change when Sedutto’s was owned by Schrafft’s. By the early 1990s, the plant ceased to operate, and Happiness House employees arrived to work one morning only to find the factory closed for good. It came as little surprise to some of them, who predicted it several months prior, when restaurants that once proudly served Sedutto’s were now cancelling accounts.

The assets of the Schrafft’s company (which included the Sedutto formulas, trademarks and equipment) were sold to Calip Dairies Operating Co. in Ronkonkoma, New York, who manufacture the famous Dolly Madison brand.


CoolBrands International Inc. sold Calip Dairies, Inc. to an undisclosed third party.  However, the distribution agreement with Calip Dairies, pursuant to which Calip Dairies distributed CoolBrands' products to certain customers in the New York Metropolitan area, remained in effect in accordance with the terms of the agreements that were in effect prior to the sale.  

In 2006, Big Apple Dairy Desserts acquired the Sedutto's brand.  The Bronx-based company intended to restore the New Dorp Lane shop to its pre-Schrafft's prominence, and held a grand re-opening in August of 2008 (complete with artwork and memorabilia on the walls from this website.)  Under Big Apple Dairy, the parlor was in operation for 13 months, closing in September of 2009.  They, like Schrafft's, learned  that "location, location, location" isn't the secret to running a successful business.  You also have to know your product, and you have to know your customers.  The neighborhood clientele that made Sedutto's an institution didn't come for the flash.  They came for the taste. 


Dateline: September 22, 2009:  Sedutto's Reopens! wishes Tom Unger and his wife, Michelle success as they relaunch the New Dorp Lane shop this month.